16oz SWEET ALMOND OIL - 100% Pure & Natural Moisturizer from Head to Toe & Best Carrier Oil - SEE RESULTS OR MONEY-BACK - Works wonders for your hair, scalp, face, body and feet. Perfect for massage.

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Manufacturer Description

Unlike bitter almond, Eve Hansen's almond oil is 100% pure cold pressed almond oil from the sweet almond tree - prunus dulcis - which are known for their aroma and flavor. Use confidently and comfortably as almond extract is the only ingredient - with nothing added or taken away to preserve the oil's integrity. This liquid moisturizer and conditioner oil is the ideal product to heal dry, cracked, and damaged hair, skin, and nails. You may blend with other essential oils or simply use on its own for a therapeutic experience. Our almond oil organic is light-weight and luxurious. It absorbs quickly and deeply penetrates to heal, nourish, and hydrate, making it ideal for dry, damaged, and sensitive skin. Unlike most other oils and lotions, this oil does not leave behind a sticky and greasy residue, nor does it contain any chemicals. Sweet Almond oil organic is a favored massage oil that relieves muscle pain and physical stress. Eve Hansen's almond oil also makes the idea carrier oil for essential oil use. It mixes perfectly with other oils and is fragrance free. Great for DIY beauty products like body oils, lotions, butter, scrubs, lip balms, perfumes, hair moisturizers, beard oil, and more. One of almond oil's prominent uses - other than being a fantastic skin therapy lotion oil - is its ability to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Almond oil is a natural emollient - which means its known for calming and moisturizing the skin - and is so infused with vitamins, that it provides a large amount of nourishment to desired areas. In addition to relief from dry skin, brittle and think nails, psoriasis, and eczema, others have reported using Sweet Almond Oil for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Almond oil can be used as a cleansing oil to prevent the clogging of pores and formation of blackheads. Gentle and safe for all skin types ranging from sensitive to dry. Use in home made lotions, butter, scrubs, lip balm, perfumes, shampoo, hair moisturizers.

Product Features

#1 HIGHEST QUALITY - our Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis) is 100% pure cold pressed and undiluted for the highest potency. Bottled in the USA in a state of the art FDA Registered Facility. ? AMAZING MOISTURIZER from head to toe. Works wonders for your hair, scalp, face, body and feet - leaving the skin soft and healthy. ? LUXURIOUS AND LIGHTWEIGHT - quickly absorbs and deeply penetrates to heal, nourish and hydrate. Excellent CARRIER OIL for essential oils - it mixes well with other oils and has no odor. ? SEE RESULTS OR MONEY BACK - Eve Hansen products are backed with manufacturer's "100% satisfaction policy". Try it out at our expense - if you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your money!

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