1byone Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD, Cuff "One Size Fits All" including a Nylon Storage Case

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Manufacturer Description

Notice: Rest for 5 minutes before measuring.

Wait at least 3 minutes between measurements. This allows your blood circulation to recover.

What you need to pay attention to when you measure your blood pressure at home:

Whether the cuff is tied properly.

Whether the cuff is too tight or too loose.

Whether the cuff is tied on the upper arm.

Whether you feel anxious.

Taking 2-3 deep breaths before beginning will be better for measuring.

Operation step:

Tie the cuff on your upper arm, then position the tube off-center toward the inner side of arm in line with the little finger.

The cuff should be snug but not too tight. You should be able to insert one finger between the cuff and your arm.

Sit comfortably with your tested arm resting on a flat surface.

Patients with Hypertension:

The middle of the cuff should be at the level of the right atrium of the heart; Before starting measurement, please sit comfortably with legs uncrossed, feet flat on the floor, back and arm supported.

Why do I get a different blood pressure at home?

The blood pressure is different even throughout the day due to weather, emotion, exercise etc, Also, there is the ¡±white coat¡± effect, which means blood pressure usually increases in clinical effect.

Measurement range

Rated cuff pressure: 0mmHg~300mmHg(0kPa ~ 40kPa)

Measurement pressure:

SYS: 60mmHg~230mmHg (8.0kPa~30.7kPa) DIA: 40mmHg~130mmHg (5.3kPa~17.3kPa)

Pulse value: (40-199)beat/minute

Product Features

Principle: The unit establishes a zero pressure equivalent to the air pressure before each measurement. It starts inflating the arm cuff while the unit detects pressure oscillations generated by your heartbeat which is used to determine the systolic and diastolic pressure and the pulse rate. Functions: This monitor measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as pulse with a single button. Hypertension indicator bar and irregular heartbeat sensor alert you when measuring. 2 users can store up to 60 records each. Turns off automatically and comes with adjustable upper arm cuff and a case for convenient storage. Design: The streamlined design of our blood pressure monitor makes it easy to keep track of your blood pressure and heart rate. One button to control the measurements and a large, backlit LCD display can displays your results in oversized numbers. Store: Put in a dry place and avoid sunshine. Avoid contact with water, clean it with a dry cloth in case. Avoid intense shaking and collisions. Avoid dusty and unstable temperature environment. Do not attempt to clean the reusable cuff with water and never immerse the cuff in water. Guarantee: We want you to have a great experience with our products. 1-year warranty covers damage and defects, and we have a team of product specialists who are ready to respond to any questions or concerns you have. Cleared by the FDA for use as a medical device.

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