ADV Cube Relieve Stress for Adults Children Anxiety Toy

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Manufacturer Description

Cube Relieve state-of-the-art spinner is for one and all. A student. A working professional. A stay at home mom. A five year-old. And even a fifty-five year-old. Our fidget spinners are specially designed to help increase the focus of the user and improve the user's thinking ability. The grip plate design has been perfected to ensure a solid grip, the metal packaging keeps your fiddle toy protected on the go, and have a longer lifespan than other sensory toys on the market. Fidget motion understands that this is more than just a fidget toy, this fidget device is built to improve the focus of those with ADHD, autism, anxiety, and stress. Our fidgets are constructed with a silent-spin technology which makes it less distracting to your colleagues and classmates.It's a great bargain, well-built, and even has some aspects that differ (in good ways and bad) from the original, and it's available now, but it IS a knockoff.This fits in your pocket and can even be used in a large pocket. Doing that will actually make the distraction a lot less.

Product Features

- Breathe: a simple, worn area for rubbing your thumb. The only face that is identical - Click: a 5-button side, looking similar to a die face. In the legit version there are 3 audible buttons and 2 silent buttons. All 5 are audible on this -Flip: like a low-profile light switch. This one also differs in design from the legit Fidget Cube in that it has 3 different positions: "on", "off", and one in-between. I like the 3-way switch as it provides more variability, but it also means there's not a clean SNAP each way, but rather a ka-SNAP. I was expecting this one to not have a silent way to click it, but surprisingly, just like the real one, if you press down it flips silently. I find myself using this one a lot as well. - Glide: a joystick. It's a little crooked in its resting state and has a click to it like a joystick button. This is the first major design difference from the real Fidget Cube, as I've not heard of it having this feature. This is a pro and a con, because it makes it limits the range of motion when sliding the joystick around. You can slide it, but ultimately it ends up making it as much a big button to press as a joystick to slide around. - Roll: 3 gears that audibly click and a ball that rolls around. The gears are very satisfying, but now and again will catch and must be rolled the other way to un-catch them. The ball slides more easily perpendicular to the gears direction; I don't know if that's a design flaw or feature, but I like it as I can roll two different ways and the resistance one way compensates for one's thumb's more limited lateral motion (compared to the easier thrusting motion).

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