Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blank Inhaler Tubes - 21 Complete Sets - 3 Sets of 7 Gorgeous Colors - Easy To Identify - Comes with Organic Wicks

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Manufacturer Description

What are the Benefits of inhaling essential oils? Taking in the healing qualities of plants via inhalation is a staple practice in aromatherapy. When we inhale essential oils deeply the highly sensitive cells in the back of our nostrils are stimulated and send signals directly to the brain. inhalation is most effective and best suited to treat a variety of respiratory complaints and Using a nasal inhaler is so much effective that you can possibly obtain. Bronchial and sinus congestion, sore throats,colds, coughs, bronchitis, influenza... these are all remedied by inhaling the right mixtures of essential oils for your particular ailment. While essential oils prove most effective for the aforementioned uses, they can also support wellbeing in many other ways. But it's good to remember that the experiences will vary when inhaling essential oils for emotional purposes. Results are often subjective to the individual. For example, bergamot essential oil is known to be soothing and emotionally stabilizing for some when inhaled, but others may not even enjoy the experience. Direction: 1. You can add a few drops of essential oils to the cotton wicks, insert, then pop the bottom closure into the inhaler tube to seal it, and then screw the top on, and easily make your own healthcare aromatherapy product. 2. For Reusing you may be able to just place a few drops using a thin tipped pipette through the hole the scenting is released from. Inhale in a Right way! : 1. Caution: You do not ever need to place the nasal inhaler inside the nostrils. In fact, we suggest you never insert them in your nose. 2. The proper way is to hold the inhaler just below your nose and slowly inhale. Slowly is the key. Count slowly 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. As you inhale. Then hold for another count of 5, and then slowly exhale.

Product Features

Blank empty nasal inhaler tubes perfect for aromatherapy - Blank nasal inhaler tubes are perfect for adding your favorite essential oils and essential oil blends, to enjoy aromatherapy on the go. High Grade Plastic with Secured Cap and Lid Ensure long lasting usage - The nasal inhalers are made with High Grade plastic which are heavier and thicker walls with secures cap and lid which keep wick inside very securely as to preserve the oils natural healing properties, so you get long lasting smells, and health benefits. Reusable inhaler tubes - These inhalers can be reused, despite the cap being very snug, with a little effort the cap is removed, and more oils are added to the wick inside. Assorted colors - It comes in 7 gorgeous colors, 3 of each color, packed professionally, caps and organic wicks are in its own zip lock bag, packed in master zip lock with nasal inhalers and caps. 21 complete Set inhalers - 21 high quality blank nasal inhaler tubes for use with essential oils (Including 21 unscented organic wicks, 21 inhalers, 21 covers, and 21 caps).

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