Aromatherapy Essential Oils 100%PURE Top 10 Gift Set Box. Kid Safe Pack. Boost Immunity, Health, Calming Sleep & Energy. Get Relief from Arthritis, Anxiety & Stress. High Quality Oils

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Manufacturer Description

Imagine Your Aromatherapy Essential Oils health shop in a gift box.

You're invited to buy your hand-selected signature collection of our Top 10 therapeutic grade essential oils, + 2x spare bottles to mix your own.

As you consider the benefits of buying these top quality oils you might like to know that all your oils are steam distilled for maximum purity and effectiveness.

When you decide to buy them today, know that you can mix them with your diffuser or humidifier or with a carrier oil. Each of your oils has its own unique healing, smells, restorative properties and best of all is your list below of the health benefits.

?BergamotYour anti-depressant and stimulant also disinfects.

?EucalyptusRelieves you of cold and flu symptoms. Disinfects your air.

?GrapefruitYour Antioxidant, antiviral oil stimulates your lymphatic (cleansing) system.

?JasmineAntidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac & a sedative for you.

?LavenderHelps you heal minor burns, cuts, insect bites, eczema, dry skin and reduce your anxiety.

?PeppermintCalms your indigestion, relieves sinus congestion, headaches, in fact you will sleep better.

?Pine Helps you heal eczema and psoriasis, boosts your metabolism.

?Sweet OrangePerks up your dull skin, healing for your mouth and gums.

?Tea TreeYour powerful anti-antiseptic, anti-inflammatory oil.

?Yang YlangBalance your hormones, healthy skin, hair and also lifts your mood.

?Add your oils to bath/shower products for your morning/evening healing.

?You can add a few drops to your bath or make your own bath bombs. Picture this as your perfect gift set

?Your Favorite could be Ylang Ylang "The Heart Oil".?Your rarest, Jasmine, picked at night because for your ultimate freshness and potency. Well you're young and living onepure life where you make your own woman perfumes.

Product Features

? I JUST LOVE BEING RELAXED DON'T YOU? Essential Oils have been used for over 5,000 YEARS for their Health Benefits for Headache & Migraine, Anxiety & Stress, Muscles, Arthritis, Calming, Relaxation, Uplifting Energy, Sleep and Immunity from Winter Colds. So you can breathe easy with a sigh of relief knowing Hospitals also use Aromatherapy because they also know the secret. We invite you to feel better health today. Purchase yours now and improve your life today.

? IT'S NOT IMPORTANT THAT YOU BUY YOUR QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS TODAY. WHAT IS IMPORTANT, is that we have the perfect essential oils for you because people like you who buy our company oils always see the health benefits with our Tea Tree, Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit & Pine Essential Oils.

? YOU MIGHT AGREE THAT LEAKING BOTTLE SETS ARE HORRIBLE! That's why all your essential oil bottles are machine sealed professionally, unlike other sellers, so you will not have any leaking bottles or be wasting your money, when you buy safely with us. Isn't it important to feel that you are receiving the best quality essential oils at the lowest price, WELL Isn't it?

? 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Relax Now & Breathe Easy knowing we guarantee your Aromatherapy Oils 100% Pure. In Fact, Your Aromatherapy Top 10 Gift Set & All Our Essential Oil Kits are LAB TESTED, so when people like yourself buy them from us now, you can imagine, how great those clean scents are knowing you're using the high quality fully tested 100% Pure Essential Oils, unlike other sellers who use additives and fillers your Essential Oils diffuser pack is Guaranteed Pure High Quality

? I KNOW THAT YOU WANT YOUR AIR CLEAN. I ALSO KNOW, THAT OUR 12 x 10 ML bottles of Essential Oils help purify your Air because research Shows Aromatherapy Essential Oils added to your diffuser increase the kill rate for bacteria, germs & fungus all present in your Air. Mix your own perfumes and scents with your essential oil kit

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