Doctor-Created Sleep Aid Specifically Designed to Help Relieve Sleeplessness and Reduce Time to Fall Asleep

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Manufacturer Description

8am presentation tomorrow has you stressed out but you need a good night's sleep. Or the concert has left you super wired but you know you need to crash. Liberate yourself. Have it both ways. Live your crazy life - stress and all. Binge watch your fav show on Hulu - and catch enough zzzzs. Go the extra mile at work - and know that we'll be there to make sure you can recharge and be ready for tomorrow. Because sometimes you can't avoid the things that cause sleeplessness -but you can help yourself get a good night's sleep. So keep on. We've got your back. Make the most of every hour you have to be awake -we'll make sure you make the most of every hour you have to sleep. FAST Sleep Aid was specifically designed to treat sleeplessness. We understand you need a fast acting, easy-to-use solution to relieve occasional sleeplessness. FAST Sleep Aid offers just that - fast sleeplessness relief to get you up and ready to face the day. How Does FAST help Sleeplessness symptoms? FAST Sleep Aid combines 50mg of Diphenhydramine HCI, (a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monograph ingredient), with 10% alcohol, to deliver a warming effective solution for your sleeplessness. FAST Sleep Aid is non-habit forming. Because it's a liquid that tastes good (FAST Sleep Aid is warming peach flavored), it's easier to take and begins working fast. About FAST: The New Way To Manage Your Health At First Aid Shot Therapy we know that you want products that do what they say they're going to do. To make sure that FAST Sleep Aid does just that, it was developed in the FAST Labs TM, based in Woburn MA. FAST LabsTM operate under the guidance of our Scientific Advisory Board, which is led by First Aid Shot Therapy co-founder, Professor Jay Pasricha, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has led a team of world-class experts to develop breakthrough formulations that get to work fast and taste great.

Product Features

SOMETIMES FASTER IS A GOOD THING ;). FAST Sleep starts working in about 15 minutes, with maximum effect occurring 1-4 hours after consumption. Plus it delivers a warming effect that feels like you're in your lover's arms. CONVENIENCE IS KING. The single bottles are easy to carry and take with you for when you need them. On your next business trip. When your mind can't stop thinking about how sexy I am but you need to go to sleep. EASY TO SWALLOW (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID). FAST Sleep tastes great: no chalky mouth feel or aftertaste. IT'S LEGIT and not habit-forming. It's a fast-acting, great tasting liquid sleep aid (no pill to swallow) specifically created by doctors for adults. Plus it starts working right away so you don' have listen to your partner snore all night and be crabby for your meeting tomorrow.

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