Fidget Fun Sensory Fidget Toy | Fidget Cube Promotes Stress and Anxiety Relief for ADHD, Autism, ADD | Encourages Calm & Focus for Kids and Adults

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Manufacturer Description

Stay Focused, Relieve Stress and Never Let Anxiety or Overwhelming Emotions Get the Best of You.

Stop Fidgeting, Start Focusing

When you suffer from ADD, ADHD, work stress, intense anxiety, or even autism, it can be a challenge to learn, accomplish goals, or even focus without getting behind. That's why we want to help you overcome these worries so you can feel more confidence, focused, and ready for what the world has in store. Introducing the Fidget Fun Fidget Cube, a multipurpose anxiety and stress relief toy that helps you keep your hands busy so your mind can better focus on what's in front of you.

Durable for Every Day Use

Far better than your average plastic fidget cube, we crafted ours with an extra durable non-plastic silicon system that allows better precision and control. More importantly, it's durability in design makes it great for kids and adults who need a little more focus, clarity and support to make it through each day.

Essential Support for Kids and Adults

  • Along with relieving stress and anxiety and helping you find clarity, our handheld fidget toys can be used to help keep hands and fingers busy to break bad habits.
  • The perfect amusing gift for fidgets in your life, our analog array of features includes spinners, buttons, rollers, flickers, and switches to help you lower or stop anxiety without making a lot of distracting sounds; making it perfect for home, work, school or travel!

Product Details:

  • Fidget Cube Toy
  • Extra Durable Non-Plastic Silicon
  • Quiet, Efficient Operation
  • Smooth Body Design
  • Lightweight, Compact, Discrete
  • Travel Friendly Storage Size

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Product Features

• Relive Stress, Anxiety, Boredom - These anxiety relief cubes help you focus or stay calm during stressful or overwhelming situations so you can slow your acing mind, better stay on task, and release build-up emotions. • Calming Clarity & Focus - More than just a kid's toy, these handheld fidget spinners help you learn, work, and accomplish tasks with more focus; especially if you suffer from stress, anxiety, ADD, ADHD or autism. • Precision High Quality Material, Discrete Design - Specifically for people who can't keep their fingers still, and whether you're a clicker, a flicker, a roller or a spinner, the cube has something to satisfy every type of fidgeter. • Travel-Friendly Convenience - Small enough to fit in your front pocket, backpack, suit jacket, or even purse, our fidget toys for kids and adults is the right size to use at home, while traveling, at work, or even in a classroom setting. • Satisfaction Guaranteed - Fidget Fun products are designed with durability, reliability, and long-term support in mind. That's why every fidget cube is not only more versatility, it's backed by true quality assurance you can rely on.

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