Fidget Pad and Fidget Cube Camouflage Retro Controller carefully balanced EDC Toy for Kids & Adults ADD, ADHD, Anxiety and Stress Relief Killing Time(Colorfull+Blue Camo)

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Manufacturer Description

8 Functions on ATS Fidget Pad: 1. Four Clickable Buttons - No need to click pen anymore. You'll fine 4 clickable buttons, 2 with sound and 2 silent. This is designed to satisfy the clicker in each of us. 2. Game Joystick - You don't have to be a gamer to enjoy the unusually satisfying gliding action of this joystick. 3. Finger Massage Roller - Want to do a massage for your fingers? Just need to roll this roller. 4. Everlasting Gears - The gear is about rolling movements. Roll the gear like opening the combination lock. 5. Spring Loaded Slider - Switch the paddle and it will reset. Fidget with the shift like playing the tumbler. 6. Spinning Dial - Looking for a circular fidget? Take this dial for a spin. 7. Switch - Pivot this switch back and forth gently if you are looking to fidget silently, or quickly for a more audible click. 8. Convex Grip - Say goodbye to stress. This side used to reduce anxiety and relieve pressure when rubbed. 7 Features for Fidget Cube: 1. COMPRESS - No more pen clicking. Find 3 clicker buttons and 2 sliced buttons on this side designed to please the clicker in all of us.  2. SWITCH - Move this switch back and forth gently if you're looking to fidget quietly, or quickly for a more distinct sound.  3. UNLOCK - Three Mechanical Gears and a clickable ball are all about rolling motions.  4. SMOOTH - Designed after worry stones as a tool used to eliminate stress and ease anxiety.  5. ANALOG - Modeled after the traditional gaming joystick. For 360 degree movements.  6. TWIRL - Intended to act as a dial. This rotating dial provides a circular fidget.  7. SUPERIOR QUALITY - Durable Design/Materials, Premium Packaging, Soft Feel, Six Reactive Features, Pocket-size  WHEN CAN YOU USE THESE TOYS? - When your friend is late again; - When you are having a work break; - When you need a quiet stress reliever to relax your nerves - When your phone is on low battery and you have nothing else to do;

Product Features

NOVEL DESIGN - Ergonomic fidget hand toy for you to relieve stress, reduce tension and eliminate anxiety from study, work and life. A little cute gadget to accompany you every day. PREMIUM MATERIAL - Made from high-quality rubberized plastic. Anti-skidding and frosting skin coat will make you feel more comfortable. YOUR POCKET BUDDY - Lightweight and small enough to carry in your pocket; A lanyard attached to hitch keys or bags with you everywhere at any time. PACKAGE AND SIZE - Each package includes 1 ATS Fidget Pad and 1 Fidget Cube of different vibrant colors. Each item dimension: 2.8 * 1.5 * 1 Inch / 0.81 OZ for the Fidget Pad; 1.2*1.2*1.2 Inch/1.2 OZ; Fidget cubes and Pad are great for all children and adults, but especially those with extra energy, ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high stress/anxiety levels

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