Premium Essential Oils Aromatherapy Gift Starter Set for Relaxation Better Sleep Focus and Natural Wellness. Enjoy Natural Remedies and Remove Chemicals Best Lavender Peppermint

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Manufacturer Description

This Ultimate Gift Set is perfect for someone looking for Premium Essential Oils; These Essentially Botanics oils are 100% Professional Grade Therapeutic First-Press Oils that are extremely potent so only small amounts are needed - don't be fooled by cheap oils sold everywhere as these will contain chemical fillers and solvents that can be harmful and significantly reduce their effectiveness. Once you have experienced us you will buy again and again!

This kit is ideal if you are looking to explore natural remedies to soothe everyday symptoms such as stress, anxiety and sleeplessness or looking to create mood in their living space. This set will delight anyone who is interested in reducing medications and toxic chemicals they use in everyday life

After careful research we have selected the best 6 oils for the most common ailments or mood enhancement. Each set contains 6x10 ml bottles:

Lavender: A calming oil used for relief of occasional sleeplessness & stress.

Peppermint: Has a cooling effect on the body, helps soothe temporary muscle and joint pain & aids in weight loss also for sickness and nausea.

Eucalyptus: Wonderful fresh scent. Use to ease aching muscles after a workout.

Lemongrass: Can be used after exercise for a great come-down and mood-boost.

Orange: Helps freshen stale air & is a powerful degreaser in cleaning products.

Tea tree: A natural anti-bacterial agent used to on blemishes & acne, cuts & scrapes, and to reduce sinus congestion.

If you are mystified by how to use your oils then you will be delighted with our exclusive self-teaching guide; we show you how to create blends of your own to combine the effects into your own powerful remedies!

Take charge of your own health and well being - You won't want to miss our offers below or at checkout!

Product Features

FIRST PRESS PREMIUM OILS FOR THE HIGHEST QUALITY FRAGRANCE WITH NO CHEMICAL SMELLS - USED BY PROFESSIONALS. Not all essential oils are alike as most oils on offer will be made from the cheaper 'second' distillation (or press) but these oils are the most potent and pure essential oils that will smell better and last longer (only small quantities required). Set contains Lavender Peppermint Eucalyptus Lemongrass TeaTree and Orange. KEEP LIVING YOUNG - NATURAL REMEDIES AND MOOD ENHANCERS TO REDUCE CHEMICALS AND TOXIC LOAD IN YOUR LIFE . If you are concerned about the amount of chemicals in your life and are looking for natural alternatives then this is perfect for you! Relieve headache, coughs, congestion and unblock noses as a safe natural alternative to medicines. Select oils and blends to lift your mood - perk you up, aid concentration, relax, decrease anxiety and many more! LEARN HOW TO USE AND BLEND AROMATHERAPY OILS WITH OUR EASY TO USE BEGINNERS GUIDE. If you have you spent hours searching for how to get started with natural oils then this essential oil gift set is perfect for you because the booklet contained in this pack will guide you through the basics of using and blending oils for different effects Have you tried doterra, Young Living, Healing Solutions, Edens Garden, Radha Beauty, Kis Oils? Then you will REALLY notice how good ours are! PERFECT GIFT BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED This essential oil gift set in a sturdy box is ideal for travel and makes a great gift for moms, teachers, friends & anyone interested in experimenting with the holistic powers of pure, all-natural aromatherapy oils and essential oils! EASY-POUR BOTTLES AND PROTECTIVE PACKAGING SO THAT YOU ARE DELIGHTED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Your premium oils come in easy-pour individually sealed amber bottles that protect from sunlight and preserve the life of the oils. The beautiful presentation case makes and ideal gift and is lined with foam to protect from leaks and breakage. Order TODAY and be fully covered by our 'Customer Satisfaction Program' - if you don't absolutely love this product we will send your money back - 100% no quibbles.

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