Pur360 Lab Tested and Verified Lavender Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade For Sleep, Hair, Aromatherapy, Skin, Body, Massage, Anxiety

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Manufacturer Description

Lavender oil is one of the most versatile essential oils, with an extensive list of benefits. These include:

Reducing anxiety
Calming nerves
Improving sleep
Alleviating many skin issues such as burns, irritation and dermatitis
Improving Mood
Freshening the air with a pleasant aroma
Stress Relief
Massage Therapy

However these benefits are not obtained from a synthetic. To get the most benefit, you'll want to ensure you are getting an all natural, non synthetic lavender oil.

But how do you know if its a real lavender oil, especially when they all claim to be pure, undiluted and unadulterated? To make sure you are getting a true, natural lavender oil, just follow these steps:

1) Make sure they have posted an image of an authentic GC-FID analysis report. This is a report that proves the oil has been analyzed for purity in a lab.
2) Verify the lab that issued the report is an actual, real lab. You can do this simply by looking up the lab on google. If you cannot find it then there is a good chance the report is not a real one.
3) Ensure the analyst has summarized their findings somewhere in the report.
4) Ensure the batch number of the oil tested is somewhere on the report.

If any of these 4 things are missing the report is suspect and possibly inauthentic. If there is no report listed at all then the oil is very questionable.

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Product Features

MOST LAVENDER OILS ON AMAZON ARE FAKE: How do we know this? For one, Price. True lavender oil could never be sold for $14 or less for 4 ounces. Its not economically viable. And yet most of them are. READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW to know how to spot a fake lavender oil! How are they sold at such a price? Simple: They are not Lavender oil at all - they are synthetics. A synthetic is not grown on a farm or in the ground. Rather it is made in a laboratory. Knock off synthetics can be made at a fraction of the cost compared to real oil on a farm. The labor and resources needed for a synthetic are a fraction of that needed for a real farm grown oil. But just to be sure we had two of the top sellers sent to a lab to be tested for purity. The results? Both were found to be adulterated ( ie fake lavender oil) (see images). PUR360 Lavender oil is organically grown and distilled in the beautiful valleys of Bulgaria. We have it tested for purity in a highly acclaimed lab that specializes in essential oils. We test our oil not once but twice. First before we purchase, and then again after we receive delivery to ensure the oil we bought is the same oil received. We know our therapeutic grade lavender oil is of the highest quality possible and stand behind it 100%. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, we will refund the order, no questions asked. Continue reading below to learn about the benefits that can only be obtained with a truly pure lavender oil.

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