Real Herbs Valerian Root 700mg - Valerian Root Herbs 5:1 Extract Equivalent To 3500mg - Natural Sleep Aid, Natural Anxiety Relief - 50 Vegetarian Capsules

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As much as being energetic is important to function, being able to sleep and relax at your convenient and desired moments are also highly important for you to efficiently function. Real Herbs Valerian Root capsules are well known for its natural relaxing qualities without the side effects of synthetic sleeping pills.

Choosing the Way of Nature: The Real Herbs Valerian Root Difference

Real Herbs Valerian Root Extract is a natural herbal supplement that helps your nervous system and smooth muscle groups relax. Valerian Extract has been used as a sleeping aid for centuries especially in cases of sleeping difficulty due to anxiety and nervousness. Valerian Capsules may the supplement you need that may help you cope up with a hectic and stressed lifestyle. Valerian Pills significantly allows you go get a good night's rest and helps against anxiety. Real Herbs boasts of 700 mg Valerian Root Extract per capsule for potency and efficacy - the highest on Amazon - within safe dosage limits.

Real Herbs Supplements continues to uphold the integrity of our products by choosing only the best ingredients derived from herbs that grow in their natural habitat. We consider it a constant goal to ensure that supplements are as pure as possible; hence, we do not use any chemical excipients in the preparation of the products. We stand by the principle that all our products should be sourced naturally and manufactured without any synthetic ingredients to ensure natural goodness. We are proud to provide you with unadulterated natural products that are safe, potent and true to their claim, hence, the name Real Herbs. You will certainly get what you pay for as we give you the highest quality of nature's bounty for your money's worth!

Choose the Way of Nature. Choose Real Herbs.

Product Features

NATURAL SLEEP AID; HIGHEST DOSAGE PER CAP ON AMAZON: Valerian Root can naturally help induce sleep by increasing the level of the GABA in your brain. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that has relaxing effects and may help you have a good night's sleep without the side effect of sleeping pills. PROMOTES CALMNESS AND PEACE OF MIND: Valerian Root Extract has the ability to increase gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA helps regulates nerve cells and promotes calmness and peace of mind during instances of anxiety. It has effects that are akin to anti-anxiety prescription pills but without the side effects. SOOTHES MUSCLE ACHES AND PAIN: Valerian supplement soothes muscle aches and mild pain. Often called nature's tranquilizer, Valerian root extract can also reduce sensitivity of the nerves. This mechanism makes Valerian root a natural pain reliever. GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES CERTIFIED: Produced by GMP certified and FDA approved facilities, Real Herbs focuses on producing the best of nature's bounty in the form of a pure and all-natural supplement. Real Herbs aims to let you achieve a healthy mind and body so you can be the best version of you in a natural way - the Real Herbs way. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: As we are confident of the efficacy of Real Herbs Valerian Root Supplement, all purchases are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee should you be unsatisfied. Our products are potent for 2 years from manufacture date.

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