Taiga Gold with Rhodiola Rosea – Dietary Supplement with Wild Herbal Extracts of Siberian Taiga for Fast Post-workout Recovery, Physical and Mental Stress Relief, 100% Authentic, Original and Natural

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Manufacturer Description

Rhodiola Rosea extracts in TAIGA GOLD supplements are made from wild-crafted herbs harvested in Siberian and Altai forests by our manufacturing partner in Russia. Dried extracts were shipped to the U.S.A., carefully analyzed by FDA certified laboratory and then used in production of ready-to use product in vegetarian capsules in the GMP certified facility. TAIGA GOLD with Rhodiola rosea is 100% natural supplement as only authentic wild herbs are used for the manufacturing.
Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea contains several active ingredients including:
1. Dry extract of Rhodiola rosea rhizomes and roots harvested in wild areas of Russian Altai Mountains. This extract is standardized to at least 3% of the total rosavins and 1% of the total salidrosides.
2. Blended extracts of rose hips, hawthorn and ash berries, and linden flowers harvested in the wild forests in Far Eastern part of Russian Siberia.
3. Structured de-esterified pectin polymer for protection of active organic molecules against digestive enzymes in stomach and intestine.
4. Natural antioxidants: vitamin C and stevioside.
5. High energy maltodextrin.
Original manufacturing technology of directed extraction makes possible isolation of highest amounts of all active compounds contained by different herbal parts and their encapsulation with no use of alcohol or other solvents.
Rhodiola rosea has numerous health benefits such as
- Relief of physical and mental stress, removal of fatigue and asthenia,
- Enhanced resistance against cold and flu, improved physical fitness, psychomotor functions, mental performance, and general wellbeing,
- Improved sleep patterns and reduced need for sleep,
- Greater mood stability and greater motivation to work and study,
-Protection of cardiovascular system from various stress factors.

Product Features

TAIGA GOLD WITH RHODIOLA ROSEA contains 100 vegetarian capsules with proprietary extract blend made from wild-crafted herbs gathered in the Russian Taiga forests. The ready-to-use product is made and tested in the US in the GMP compliant facility. Key ingredient extract blend's Rhodiola Rosea is a well-known adaptogen helping the body to easily adapt to physical and mental stress as well as to adverse influences from environmental factors. FAST PHYSICAL AND MENTAL RECOVERY: Rhodiola rosea increases glucose uptake by muscles, inhibits stress-induced hormones in adrenal glands, regulates mediators in the brain, and enhances immunit. Intake of Rhodiola rosea helps to remove fatigue and asthenia, improve physical fitness, mental performance and general wellbeing, increase resistance to cold and flu, improve sleep patterns and reduce need for sleep, and it contributes to greater mood stability and motivation to work and study. COMPLEX BODY PROTECTION: Proprietary blend of Taiga Gold supplements contains extracts of rose hips, hawthorn and ash berries, linden and hibiscus flowers. They enhance activity of Rhodiola rosea extract and provide stimulation of immune system, cardiovascular protection, speeded up general metabolism and fast elimination of toxic substances. Additionally, it works as an abundant source of vitamins A and C. EFFECTIVE ENERGY REGULATION: Taiga Gold supplements contain several ingredients providing optimized energy metabolism such as maltodextrin, vitamin C, rosavins of Rhodiola rosea, polyphenols and flavonoids. They help to make energy consumption more effective in muscles as well as in inner organs and brain and provide fast recovery after physical overexertion and emotional overwhelm. HIGH EFFICIENCY: Taiga Gold supplements contain de-esterified pectin for protection of active glycosides of herbal extracts. Active organic molecules are easily broken in stomach by acid and digestive enzymes. Pectin works as an envelope protecting these compounds and carrying them through stomach like a submarine. In intestine active compounds are easily released due to alkali Ph shift and quickly absorbed into blood. So, pectin provides highest possible blood concentration of these compounds.

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