Tranquility:Anti-Anxiety & Stress Relief Formula With Nootropics - Tackle Social Anxiety - Panic Attacks - Common Anxiety Symptoms - Improve Concentration - Focus - Sense of Wellbeing -Peace Of Mind

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Manufacturer Description

Are you a victim of life in the fast lane?
That's just rhetoric. ALL OF US are victims of fast paced life that doesn't allow us one moment to sit back & relax. Stress is everywhere - at home & office, even during commute. It's not a surprise then that anxiety is ubiquitous. ADAA estimates that roughly 20% of adult American population suffers from anxiety symptoms. If you are one among them, we - at Emanate Your Wellbeing - understand your predicament. That's exactly why we have designed the latest anti-anxiety & stress relief formula with nootropics - Tranquility Pills.

Nootropics - What are they?
Nootropics are naturally derived alternative drugs that are also known as memory drugs & smart drugs. Nootropics are known to enhance brain functions (concentration, focus, memory, relaxation, sense of wellbeing etc.) considerably, without any side-effects.

Tranquility Anti-Anxiety & Stress Relief Formula
This formula by Emanate Your Wellbeing contains an assorted concentration of nootropics & supplementary vitamins (B-6, B-12) to help you get over anxiety symptoms & stress. Taking one pill a day with 8 ounces of water, before meals, can easily help you reduce anxiety levels throughout the day.

Panic No More
Panicking is a common condition resulting directly from anxiety. Nootropics in Tranquility Pills allow you to overcome panic with ease & help you focus more.

Be focused, be productive
Productivity counts for a lot in this day & age. Anxiety can easily hamper much of your productivity by affecting your concentration levels negatively. Whether you are a student, an artist or a professional - Tranquility Pills can help you unleash your true potential!
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Product Features

Feel Relaxed & Positive - Tranquility Anti-Anxiety and Stress Relief Pills are designed to promote relaxation & positivity, meaning that you will be better shaped to live your life with satisfaction. To bid adieu to anxiety, panic & live a positive, energetic life; all you have to do is click the 'Add to Cart' button! No More Panicking - Panic attacks commonly follow severe anxiety symptoms. This latest anti-anxiety and stress relief formula can allow you to get over panic attacks & get on with your routine in no time whatsoever. Important meetings or examinations - panic should never be able to dictate the course for you anymore! Improve Your Productivity - Anxiety also leads to distraction. Distraction leads to diminished productivity. Tranquility Pills by Emanate Your Wellbeing are well-stocked with nootropics that allow you to focus by improving your concentration levels, so that you get your work done efficiently & effectively. Combating Anxiety - Anxiety is a very prevalent condition in America. Often not detected & left untreated, anxiety symptoms can hamper productivity & concentration, leading to a sense of frustration & disability. Tranquility Pills by Emanate Your Wellbeing are functionally optimized with highly effective nootropics to help you combat anxiety and associated anxiety symptoms - with just one or two pills a day! Safe & Sound - Tranquility Anti-Anxiety & Stress Relief Formula by Emanate Your Wellbeing is perfectly safe for OTC usage as FDA Approved. It's been chemically streamlined to prevent any side-effects.

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