valerian root pure encapsulations - Valerian Root Extract 4:1 125mg - Pure Valerian Root to Calm the body and Increase Energy (2 bottles 200 capsules)

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Valerian root capsules - Valerian Root Extract 4:1 125mg - reduce stress levels and enhance mood, beneficial for muscle spasms, headaches, stress, nervous restlessness, and stress-related digestive problems and improve sleep. (Each bottle 100 capsules)

Valerian Root History Members of the genus Valeriana are perennial herbs widely distributed in the temperate regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. The dried rhizome has a distinctive, unpleasant odor. The hollow stemmed plant can grow up to 2 m and is branched at the terminal end with opposite leaves and small white or pink flowers. Fruits are oblong, 4-ridged, and single seeded.
Health benefits of Valerian root The use and health benefits of valerian root go back hundreds of years, back to during the 2nd century, but how it's utilized has changed considerably with time. This herb is most commonly used to deal with sleeplessness and sleep problems. As it slows down the effects of pressure from stress on a person's body, it can also be an effective for nervousness. Valeriana Officinalis is well known for its sedative qualities and its ability to relax the central nervous system and the smooth muscle groups.

Reduce Anxiety Supplements that contain valerian are occasionally suggested as a natural therapy for individuals struggling with anxiety. The possible advantage in this respect seems to be linked to compounds in the plant that bind to specific receptors in the mind. Stress can be considered a significant mental disease. Always consult a physician before making use of valerian to help with your anxiety. Valerian root is greatest taken before bedtime. It doesn't perform in the same way as a prescription sleep aid does. As the effects of the root slowly grow over time, it ought to be consumed only at night when it's close to bedtime.

Suggested use Take 1 (one) capsules daily as a dietary supplement.

Product Features

VELERIAN ROOT EXTRACT: There are many plant-based supplements out there, all with their unique properties and benefits. Valerian root is no exception, as it is known to improve sleeping habits, while reducing insomnia. Not only is it beneficial for sleep-related issues, but panic attacks as well. VELERIAN ROOT EXTRACT FOR RESTFUL SLEEP: One of the earliest uses of valerian root was to deal with insomnia, and this use continues today. This is because certain ingredients in the plant are believed to have a sedative effect. VELERIAN ROOT EXTRACT SEDATION: Valerian root has never specifically been studied as a sedative, but because of other known effects it may be useful in this regard. For example, its effects on the central nervous system with regard to reducing anxiety as well as inducing sleep may also make it useful as a sedative. VALERIAN ROOT TO RELIEVE STRESS: Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it can also be harmful to your health. Valerian Root may manage stress and keep the body strong and resilient to reduce the negative effects associated with stress. OUR GUARANTEE: 60 capsules of our natural herbal product by Sport Supplements will be responsible for stress prevention, it may reduce symptoms of anxiety, relieve symptoms of sleepiness or fatigue.

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